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There are many emotions when selected to manage a new team. There is a level of anxiety and tension between the team and the new manager before it even starts. You need to learn about each other and find a way to build rapport in a short amount of time, so you can begin to focus forwards.

After observing new managers take on new teams and reflecting on my own experiences of what worked and what didn’t. I wanted to share five tip strategy on how to use your time effectively and quickly work well with your new team.


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Over recent years there is momentum behind diversity in the workplace. There statistics available highlight the cultural and performance benefits from a diverse team. As the focus shifts between different minority groups like women, people of colour or ethnic backgrounds. The most significant contributor to building a diverse team is through the hiring process.

It gets interesting when the hiring process goes into the area of hiring the best person for the role while trying to hire for diversity. For the premise of this article, I am going to simplify it down to one statement.

“It is a given that…

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A year ago, my team challenged me to write down everything I did in a day to show the behind the scenes of a managers day. This year due to the Coronavirus global pandemic, so many of us have rushed into figuring out how to do everything from home.

The change from the office to working from home included a quick scramble ensuring the technology all worked. Then we moved into ensuring everyone’s mental well-being was safe, and everyone was thinking of a new exercise routine.

It has been many months, and you could say we are in a bit…

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Our socialising and productivity are all affected by the current world health crisis. We are trying new ways to adjust and balance all areas of our lives and careers.

The ‘shelter in place’ environment provides more time to reflect on different areas of your role and day to day operations. With all interactions being remote, it also highlights the productivity gains or gaps. A considerable influence on our productivity are the types of individual relationships or duo relationships we have.

A duo relationship is the building block of your network. It is also the building blocks of a team and…

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One of the most challenging things in your career is getting a real understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. It can be powerful to identify your strength areas and lean into them. If I have learnt one thing over the years by observing amazingly talented people have a great career is that you spend just enough time to shore up your weakness, and more focus on your natural strengths or genius.

This article will help you gain awareness on where you are and areas you are doing well in and areas that might be your blind spots. A great source…

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When was your last promotion? When do you think you will be promoted? These are common questions asked by ourselves or by others. What stands out is that a promotion is a gold standard to get validated on your performance and progress in your career.

Even when companies have awards, only a handful of employees receive awards. There are many other hard-working individuals that will miss out, which increases the feeling of not progressing their career.

In this article, I want to highlight the benefits of shifting your career focus from promotions to progression. This statement shouldn’t detract from aiming…

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In ‘The Chemistry of Leadership — Part 1 — Motivation’, I discussed the two chemicals that develop motivated or demotivated behaviours with your team members based on Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. In this article, I will be focusing on the trust a leader builds and what the impact on performance is.

High performing teams work well together and deliver a higher output. As a leader, you work to build your teams skills and develop an environment so they can perform at their best. Trust is one of the foundation blocks to create an environment for your team to…

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In an organisation, there are many types of leaders. They are different in how they approach challenges and how they interact with you. The role of a leader is to inspire people to take action that will lead to the company goals. Reaching goals requires a team of people to perform individually as well as perform as part of a team. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek (link) has long been one of my favourite reads. It discusses many angles and values that drive successful long term leadership.

When asked to name your best and worst manager, you wouldn’t take…

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If you hear people say ‘Be positive’ or ‘Look on the bright side’, chances are you are in a fixed mindset about a situation. You have had a setback that has left you wondering and deflated. You are not sure what to do next, so you do what the easiest thing to do is. You ruminate and go over the situation with the hope of somehow changing it.

The idea of having a fixed or growth mindset has gained momentum in recent years. It is a focus on how you react to a situation that you have encountered. It is…

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Hi, my name is Ray, and I am not a workaholic. I hear “you work too much!”, “do you ever sleep?” regularly though. I disagree that the workaholic title is the correct label to define me or others that are like me that I have come across in my career. From the outside, I can understand why people assume that long hours means you are a workaholic. So, I wanted to give some insight into the difference between a workaholic and a performance-driven individual.

There is a subtle difference in being performance-driven and being a workaholic. A workaholic will work…

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