• Neculae Marius

    Neculae Marius

  • David Lewis

    David Lewis

    To know me is to love me.

  • Michał Szleger

    Michał Szleger

    IT engineer, aspiring leader

  • Rajesh Patel

    Rajesh Patel

  • Yogesh soni

    Yogesh soni

    stock market enthusiast . learner, books reader

  • Amanda Chloe

    Amanda Chloe

    Fascinated by stories | Expresses inner voices and musings | Lover of memes | Dogmum

  • Sujay Telang

    Sujay Telang

    Technology Leader

  • Djiwandou Putro

    Djiwandou Putro

    Engineer, Technology Consultant, Scholarship Experts, Co-founder of rumahiot.id. Trying to be the most beneficial person by sharing my knowledge and expertise.

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